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Three Cats on Their Own

Chillin' in bed.
Chillin’ in bed.

This was our first vacation in over ten years. We were gone a week. We didn’t know what to expect when we arrived home. Secretly, I hoped they would have noticed our absence. Truthfully, I didn’t expect them to even care. But when we opened the door to our apartment, the reception was mixed.

Our cats (all three of them) have practically been with us since their births. Like my partner and I, who’ve hardly been apart for more than hours at a time in all our thirteen years together, our cats never get to miss us.

Byrdie, a black cat, is the oldest at fifteen years. She watches over everyone and only makes a fuss when she’s hungry. She’s hard to find, but when you do, you’ll find her bathing herself in some inconspicuous dark corner, her silky black coat camouflaging her from the world so that only her yellow eyes stare back at you. And this is how we found her upon our return.

The little devil.
The little devil.

The youngest cat… Well, she’s made a transformation we haven’t seen since her kitten days. This one refuses to be touched, petted, or even looked at. After seven years, we had given up… Until now. Our return prompted her to incessantly scold us. She won’t leave our side and when we leave, she practically throws herself at us. It’s been two weeks since we returned and she doesn’t seem to let up.

Pinky, who is thirteen years old, is our special needs cat. He’s an overweight ball of pure white fur. He loves tapping our noses when we sleep because he wants to be petted. This one, I worried about the most.

I had nothing to fear.

Yes, there's someone home in there. Looks are everything.
Yes, there’s someone home in there. Looks are everything.

He was laid out on the bed like a tourist by the pool at a beach resort in Florida. He barely acknowledged me, only glancing my way dismissively.

As if to say, “whatever.”


This post inspired by the weekly challenge at Trifecta. The challenge is to use the third definition of a word. The prompt:

1.  (pronoun) a: anything or everything that
b: no matter what : regardless of what
Used in questions that express surprise or confusion
2.  (adjective) a: all the
b: any ; any … that
Used to refer to something that is not known
3.   (adverb) Used to show that something is not important
– See more at: http://www.trifectawritingchallenge.com/#sthash.yiv0msNW.dpuf

12 thoughts on “Three Cats on Their Own”

  1. Draug419 says:

    My cat left a mouse bitten in half in my bed upon my return from a band trip to Disney World back in high school. So…maybe you got out lucky haha

    1. LOL yea, no dead mice here.

  2. “Whatever” is exactly something I’d expect to come from a cat (I also have three of them in my house.) My kids’ cats get along fine without out, but my cat (the oldest) gets a ‘tude. It takes a lot to finally get her to purr for me!

    1. That ‘tude is exactly what I like about cats 🙂

  3. latonya says:

    Our fat cat passed in October. We had her just over a decade. She loved her food and was especially affectionate.She was my guy’s
    constant companion. Your blog brings up so much for me,mostly good. We may adopt again but now is too soon.

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your cat. 🙁 I’m glad the blog brought up good things rather than bad.

  4. Lala Rukh says:

    How cute are all these cats ! I wish I could have one with whom I could cuddle and at times hear ‘whatever’ from her mouth 😛 I can see how beautiful cats are there in Florida. Loved reading it 🙂

    1. Thanks Lala. They really are awesome. Why don’t you get a cat or a dog. They’re both great for cuddling.

  5. I had a cat, way back in my early twenties. A short while later, I met a young woman who was my first true love. After awhile, we began spending the weekend at each other’s apartment; my place one weekend, hers, the next. After her first weekend stay, she decided to leave some of her clothes behind so they’d be there the next time she visited. The following weekend, I visited her place. Upon my return, my roommates were snickering. They told me the cat had passed judgment on my new girlfriend and that I should go into my room to find out what the verdict was. So, I opened my door, only to find her night clothes in the cat’s litter box! Cats! Cheeky rulers of our worlds, for sure! Thanks for the enjoyable read. 🙂

    1. That is hilarious! Yes, cats are like that. Ours still display these types of behaviors when they feel that we’re neglecting their litter boxes. We usually find that they will piss on our dirty clothes.

  6. You got way, way lucky. We left our cats (in someone’s care, of course) over the summer, and they absolutely destroyed the place. It took months for them to settle back down. Ugh. Yours sure are cuties! Thanks for linking up.

    1. Thanks! Oh no, I guess I have been lucky. Despite the fact that they destroyed your place, I bet you still love them 🙂 Thanks to you guys at Trifecta, love the prompts

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