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Murder at Dawn

copyright-erin-learyThe rays of the sun cut through the mist, forcing its retreat. Wounded by the oncoming light, the mist leaves behind parts of itself. The dampness on the ground, the droplets on the tree limbs: dismembered parts reminding the world that no crime shall go unpunished.

The day grows and the sun sweeps through the land, drying the damp ground, cracking the soil, and destroying all evidence of the crime it commits at the break of each dawn.

As it does, a decaying hand emerges from the sediment betraying a mortal crime.



Friday Fictioneers
Friday Fictioneers

8 thoughts on “Murder at Dawn”

  1. Dear Obed,

    Uh-oh. Someone’s crime’s about to find them out. Atmospheric and well written.



    1. Thanks, Rochelle. Reading all the other posts, I would say the photo lends itself to this kind of atmospheric fiction.

  2. Subroto says:

    Ultimately murder will out. Setup wonderfully.

  3. Really good, creepy but good. Someone better get their passport updated. Thanks, Nan

    1. Ha! They’re probably long gone by now

  4. I don’t man… I’m thinking I want more… That sun is real mean guy! Does he get it in the end?!

    1. That’s left to your imagination. Honestly, I don’t know what will happen.

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